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Jing Zhao & Yanjun Li

Photography series, 2016

Photography is our first opportunity, moving into Room 2202 is our second opportunity.

Double opportunities bring two different people together. Happiness intertwined with sorrow, love, and hate.

Every day seems the same in Room 2202. However, we both are escaping from the usual while taking our shoots.

2202 is carried out simultaneously with Li Yanjun, which is from 2014 to 2016. It is to explore the same presentation of daily urban life we were faced and to be presented through the way of the photo book and video. The title of this work represents the house number once we lived, and the two opportunities that have linked us together. One is photography, and the other one is moving into Room 2202. These two coincidences have pulled together the two unrelated people, so that our emotions, peaks, reveries for the present and questions for the future are closely intertwined with each other. All these have affected our indirect experience of things while such experience has been integrated into this work. In addition, the cooperation of the two people may also transfer the personal experience to the universal group perception.

[2202 photo book]

© 2022 by Jing Zhao

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