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Jing Zhao & Yanjun Li

Photography series, 2016

The photography series was carried out by multidisciplinary artist Jing Zhao and her photographer friend Yanjun Li while living together in an apartment named 2202 in Hangzhou, China. The project is presented as art books and video projections that create an audio-visual environment encouraging audiences to explore freely. It depicts a vivid, poetic, and fantasy-like life experience of the two artists after they met in a strange city. "2202" has an autobiographical nature and produces surreal yet touching scenarios, which move the viewer emotionally towards empathy, but also towards contemplation of the intersection of philosophical questions of everyday life. Its theme hits home for the millennial generation, such as the displacement expirence, the bittersweet memories of childhood, and universal loneliness.

[2202 photo book]

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