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A Photo of 14

Documentary and inkjet printing photo, 2016

As a daily occurrence event of high frequency, taking pictures has been like walking, whose concern is as simple as from A to B, while the rest has become subconscious behaviors. Developed technology and the rapid pace of life have caused such a blind spot. Daily shooting behavior is also like daily vision and perception which follow the principle of efficiency first. By this work A Photo of 14, I was eager to make a probe into the inner core of the camera from the outside to detect the contingency and inevitability behind the daily photographic behaviors. During the whole experimental process, I broke down the most important 14 steps of a photo from the previous shot to the display. I also invited 14 students in the department of photography to control each step respectively. And, I made the whole production process and the interview with each participant in a documentary way.


15 min, 58 sec


The final photograph

Inkjet printing photo


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