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From Langjun to Fangjia Fan

Video, 8 min 20 sec, 2015

In 2015, the artist moved from Fangjia Fan to Langjun Garden. During that time, she was very depressed. Although the two places are not far apart, after living in Lang County, she always misses the days spent with her old friends in Fangjia Fan. It was as if her mind stayed in the past while her body went to a distant place. In order to record this feeling, the artist used a laser pointer to illuminate the straight-line distance between Fangjia Fan and Langjun. At the same time, she rode on the electric bike, crossed the winding roads and streets, and drove towards Fangjia Fan... Just like the countless memories that appeared in her mind, the angle of views were facing Fangjia Fan from beginning to end.

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