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Jayne Chao Raising Program

Text adventure game, 2018

This work is inspired by "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project", a well-known video game in which players can control Ayanami Rei (the protagonist of the game) according to their wishes. In "Jayne Chao Raising Program," the artist takes herself as the protagonist, replacing the fantasy worldview with a realistic worldview. The artist restored the scenes of her real life in the game, and added a variety of divergent options, trying to explore the possibility of every event and dialog that happened in daily life. Of course, each new possibility also brings new consequences... Besides, the protagonist of the game is to become an internationally famous artist. Therefore, the content of the game revolves around the protagonist's "artistic will", and there is a direct description of the art circle, which is quite ironic and realistic.

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