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Jayne Chao Raising Program

Text adventure game, 2018

Jayne Chao Raising Program was inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project - an open ending simulation game that allows players to cultivate Ayanami (main character of this game) according to their own intentions. In this project, I use myself to be the protagonist and changed Ayanami Raising Program's fantastic world view into a realistic world view. Through restoring my real-life experiences and adding multi choices in the game, I was trying to explore the possibilities could exist in each event and communication that already existed in my normal life. Of course, every new possibility will also bring a new consequence......In addition, to narrow the game's content, the biggest goal I set for the protagonist is to become a big name artist. So, the whole content and discussion in the game are around the would of art. While playing this game, the players will also be stimulated to think about art.

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