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Midnight Vortex

Multimedia Installation, 2019

The beginning of Midnight Vortex originated from the dreams recorded and travel photographs taken by the artist a few years ago. Two different ways of recording are like ambiguous “evidence” that cannot be independently verified, waiting for the audience to uncover the mystery and detect the clues. Through the parallel placement of the two and the continuous evolution, the project intends to explore the complex relations between various elements such as imagination, viewing, consciousness, cities, and memory. This project consists of three main parts: a series of artist’s travel photos, a diary document that records dreams, and imaginative images based on both. Artist intends to form a new narrative through the exploration of images from reality to dream and even to virtual creation. At the main time, it is trying to provide a unique viewing perspective of contemporary life. The project uses its’ own rhythm to take audiences closer to the author ---- an urban youth’s dreams fragment; you will see her fantasy and confusion, and feel the urban texture and life texture that surrounds her. In the end, it swirls you into your inner space, finds a release, gets some comfort, or inspires new confusion......

[Midnight Vortex Photo Book]

[Midnight Vortex Photography]

[Midnight Vortex Texts]

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